SMT workshop of ShenZhen PCB ELECTRONICS LTD was established in 2011, focusing on R&D of sample,mass production one-stop service. The management team has an average of 12 to 15 years of experience in EMS industry. Ten SMT production lines with an area of 4000 SQM.
AOI/SPI/X-ray/Intelligent tester, ensuring the quality.
The factory provides stock components: resistors/capacitors/magnetic beads/inductors/connectors/crystal oscillators/transistor etc. in stock.Learn more

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SMT workshop of ShenZhen PCB ELECTRONICS LTD has central air condition system,dust-free room,anti-static protection,constant temperature and humidity warehouse etc.World-class Samsung SMT machine,full-automatic solder paste printing machine,12 temperature range reflow oven and wave oevn, AOI/SPI/X-RAY/Intelligent first-sample tester. More equipment >>

Processing capacity

There are 10 SMT lines,including imported Samsung brand SMT machine,automatic solder paste printing machine,12-temperature-range reflow oven,AOI inspection,X-ray inspection,and other high-end equipments.Daily capacity over 10 million solder joints,especially focus on high-precision,sophisticated projects.

SMT capacity

10 million solder joints / day

Production line

10 lines

Scrap rate

0.3% for capacitors/resistors

0% for IC

PCB type

POP/PCB/FPC/Regid-lfex PCB/Metal PCB


Minimum package


Components accuracy


IC accuracy



PCB dimension


PCB thickness


SMT Processing Flow

SMT quality control:
* Production lines are equipped with high-end , high precision and high yield machine * Quality inspection and control are carried out in each process to avoid defective products go out * Professional engineers l for the whole process sampling inspection
①Sticking board: check if SMT mounting position of components are correct, greatly reduce SMT trial production time and waste of components, effectively ensure the quality of SMT
②Intelligent first-sample tester: wrong components, ,reverse polarity, reverse direction etc., compared with visual inspection, accuracy is higher 50%
③SPI-fully automatic 3D solder paste thickness measuring intrument: check printing quality problems, such as missing print, less tin, more tin, tin bridge, tin offset, poor shape, surface stuff etc.
④AOI:check short ,miss, polarity, offset, wrong parts
⑤Xray: Open-circuit and short-circuit inspection of BGA, QFN and other issues

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