Production Process
  • Laminate Shear
  • Baking
  • Cleaning
  • Photosensitive Coating
  • Exposure
  • Developing
  • Inner Copper Etching
  • AOI
  • Brown Oxide
  • Lay-up
  • Lamination
  • X-ray Target Drilling
  • Drilling
  • Immersion Copper
  • Panel Plating
  • Dry Film
  • Exposure
  • Developing
  • Image Inspection
  • Image Plating
  • Stripping and Etching
  • AOI
  • Silk Screen and Impedance Control
  • Exposure
  • Developing and Curing
  • Surface Finishing
  • Screen Legend
  • Shape Processing
  • E-test
  • FQC
  • Packaging
  • Process Capability
    ProjectsSampleMass production
    Min Machine Via0.1mm0.1mm
    Min Laser Via3mil3mil
    HDI Range1+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+31+n+1、2+n+2、3+n+3
    Min. Line/Track space3/3mil3/3mil
    Impedance control+/-5%+/-5%
    Max Copper Thickness12oz12oz
    Max thickness aperture ratio0.7506940.750694
    Max Size650mm X 1130mm650mm X 1130mm
    MaterialFR4/Hi-Tg/Rogers/Halogen Free/RCC/PTFE/Nelco/Mixed Stack-Up Material
    Surface FinishingHASL, HASL PB FREE, Immersion Gold/Tin/Silver, Gold Finger Plating, OSP, Immersion Gold+OSP
    Special ProcessBuried blind vias, stepped grooves, metal substrates, embedded resistors, embedded capacitors, mixed stack, flex-rigid board, back drilling, stepped gold fingers, etc.
    LayerMass productionSampleExpedited
    2L7 days3 days24h
    4L10 days4 days2 days
    6L12 days6 days3 days
    8L12 days7 days4 days
    10L14 days10 days4 days
    12L14 days10 days5 days
    14L16 days12 days6 days
    16L16 days12 days6 days
    18L18 days14 days6 days
    20L18 days14 days10 days
    22L20 days14 days10 days
    24L20 days14 days10 days
    26L20 days14 days10 days
    28L20 days14 days10 days
    30L20 days14 days10 days
    32L20 days14 days10 days
    Equipment Pictures
    Quality Control
    Material Assurance

    Adhere to source the original materials, ensure product quality from the source, and restrictly follow IPQC standards and partners requirements.

    IPC Standard

    ​IPC standard control to ensure reliable production and guarantee high qualified rate of product shipment.

    Advanced Equipment

    Equipped with advanced inspection equipment, including but not limited to Online AOI and Skyray Instrument ROHS.

    Shipping Control

    100% shipment inspection, and strictly follow various requirement such as anti-static, waterproof and moisture-proof, anti-extrusion, anti-fall and anti-collision.

    Production Advantage
    • Instant Feedback
      Proficient team with 7*24h to follow up all process and ready to support whatever and whenever you need.
    • Technical Support
      Engineers evaluate the project and provide support across the production process, and offer professional guidance and reference suggestions to avoid possible risk.
    • Quality Assurance
      Quality ensure originally. All raw materials use Kingboard, Shengyi military A-level boards and import solder paste from Guangxin and Sunink to ensure clear solder mask printing and full color.
    • Multi-Field and Multi-Process
      Industry cover smart home, medical, industrial control, automotive and other fields. Multi-layer PCB board manufacturing services, specializing in mass production of various types of challenge, high-precision density PCBs.
    • Certification System
      Passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, UL and other international quality management system certifications, and all products follow the standard of RoHs environmental protection.
    • Fast Delivery
      Urgent, fast delivery. Single and double layer PCB proofing can be shipped within 24 hours and small batch production within 48 hours. On-time delivery rate is as high as 98.5%.
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