All electronic components provided by Shenzhen PCB ELECTRONICS LTD, are genuine authorized by the original factory. We only purchase from the original factory or regular agent channels to ensure the quality ! Our prices are transparent, all commodity prices are reflected in the quotation sheet, and the selling price changes according to the purchase price. With the professional team of Shenzhen PCB Electronics Ltd., we provide thousands of customers with BOM improvement, components replacement, and full BOM materials solutions every year. The solutions provide a strong guarantee for R&D and proofing delivery of small and medium batches of products!

Components Warehouse
Quality Control
Authentic Traceability

Establish partnerships with many original factories and agents, ensuring that each component can be traced of its source and whereabout.

Professional Inspection

Ensure material quality through visual inspection, X-ray inspection(product safe), electrical testing, thermal aging testing, and solderability testing.

IQC Standard

Strictly control the quality of each incoming component, and inspect its quality in quantity, appearance, size, physical characteristics, etc.

Supplier Management

Evaluate the risk level of suppliers by grade, dynamically manage and control, ensure the materials is qualified and strictly control procurement risks.

Supply Advantage
  • Authentic Guarantee
    Strictly control the channels, we only purchase from the original factory and regular agents, and each material can be traced back to the original factory.
  • Massive Stock
    Hundreds of thousands of electronic components are in stock, and priority is given to guaranteeing stock and low prices, saving time and effort.
  • Transparent Price
    Clearly marked price saves time and cost. All prices are reflected in the quotation sheets, and the sales price changes along with the market float.
  • Professional Team
    Supply chain team of more than 20 people, professional component certification engineers and BOM engineers to provide you with BOM optimizing, component alternative selection, and full BOM material solutions.
  • Incoming Quality Control
    All purchased materials will pass strict IQC inspection before they are put into storage to ensure that the components have no quality problems.
  • Scientific Management
    "First-in, first-out" material control mechanism, the components warehouse follows constant temperature and humidity, and anti-static control.
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